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  • "Why, is it some kind of anniversary?"
  • "Why did you cry when you read me the 'In Case of Moon Disaster' speech?"
  • "Oh, is that where 'The Eagle has landed' comes from? Because that's like a catchphrase, right?"
  • "Is that [The guy who said 'one giant leap for mankind'] Buzz Aldrin?"
  • "Is that how they named Buzz Lightyear?"
Mind you, I was -5 years old at the time, but still!

Date night

We didn't plan it as date night, but it was.  After dinner we went to Piedmont Park and spent 75 minutes walking around (Jodi in her wheelchair, I pushing her from behind).  During our promenade digestive, we watched the sunset develop, met Canada geese and a variety of dogs and people, saw capoeristas doing their thing, visited a robo-loo, and watched someone toss and steer a remote-controlled glider.

Oh, you want a visual aid?  Here's the map of our 1.25-mile route.  And if you're looking at the map below, we basically went around Oak Hill and looked out onto The Meadow.

And then we went to Trader Joe's and got some groceries.  Nummers!
An acquaintance is asking for people to take a survey about "Internet pornography" and addiction.  The survey seems to be meant seriously, and thoughtful comments will likely be taken seriously.  I'm concerned that, because most of her friends seem to be conservative, we won't be represented proportionally.  If you feel like influencing the results, the survey is here:


The password is "survey".  And remind me to change the combination on my luggage!

High School Musical

I'm watching High School Musical for the first time (since there's no Glee until the fall). Here are my impressions:
  • Kelsi is totally hot for Gabriella and wouldn't mind Troy joining in.
  • The hip-hop intellectual looks like callmeinfrench.
  • The music seems to be Disney-standard tripe, elevated by good performances.
  • The writing? Christ have mercy.
  • Dancing made it fun -- the best musical about high-school students since West Side Story, and Grease, and... okay, this is faint praise, but ultimately the proof of my satisfaction is that I'll be watching High School Musical 2 sometime soon.  ...-ish.

Revelation from a dream

I've never heard people say "kill two birds with one shot" or "kill two birds with one throw". So maybe "killing two birds with one stone" might just mean thrift: you get back the same stone (which might be a particularly good one for slingshot use) and use it again for the second bird.

Apologies to my feathered friends. Now back to sleep.

"Glee" squee

I'm watching the pilot for "Glee", and I think it's going to be really good. The a cappella bits as part of the soundtrack are mostly cute, but then you get something like the series of scenes beginning at 32:52.

Read more...Collapse )

What follows is a pretty decent speech for a pilot episode, followed by a decision that you probably didn't predict. And the music swells... this time, classic rock by the original artist.

If you're not sure whether to get into the show, just watch that part: "Glee" pilot, 32:52-35:00

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I believe in humanity: our indwelling capacity for good, our insatiable desire to make ourselves known to one another, our coruscating passion for knowledge, our ability to handle the truth, and our capacity for learning from really dumb mistakes.

I believe in humor as the universal solvent of ignorance, grief, and fear.

I believe in public libraries.

I believe in using intellectual property rights to establish a sustaining wellspring for the creative endeavors of others; I believe in the Creative Commons license.

I believe in putting final punctuation outside the quotes unless it was present in the original.

I believe in the Oxford comma.

I don't believe in rigid gender lines, violence as national economic policy, or any particular religion (though I'm congenial to many).


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