Ben Ostrowsky (sylvar) wrote,

Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Och. How d'ye grow up in a Viking village and have a North American accent?

I used up all my suspension of disbelief on the assumption that dragons:
  1. are real,
  2. are basically huge flying kitty cats who breathe fire,
  3. are also video-game entities with a "shot limit" and armor stats, and
  4. hunt in a species-heterogeneous pack.
So that left no belief-juice available for a universe in which every single one of the adult Vikings has a Scottish accent, even though Icelandic and Faroese are much closer to a "Viking" accent, and yet not a single one of the kids had a Scottish "Viking" accent.

I'll believe all that stuff about dragons because I don't know any facts about dragons -- although their psychology toward the end seemed entirely unlikely given their social structure -- but I know some facts about languages, and that movie made NO SENSE to me.

The female character with the most lines is a strong young woman named Astrid, and while her character development had promise at the beginning, she soon became The Love Interest with The Recurring Line. Oh, I appreciate the fanservice, and I'll happily read any rule-34 fiction including the line "this is for everything else", but I'm more appreciative of the earlier Astrid: an ass-kicking chick who hasn't been dressed up all skanky or drawn with scoliosis-inducing tits AND who has interests other than boys -- namely, being the best warrior in her class.

I got in for free because Regal Cinemas admits the companion of a wheelchair-using person at no charge, and the price was just about right. Maybe a little high, but not by much.
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