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What you hear if you beat "Symbol Quest"

There's a match-the-clue-to-the-symbol game at http://www.thelostsymbol.com/ that's a teaser for the new Dan Brown book.  I think I've read one of his books -- not a huge fan but not a hater either.  Anyway, if you beat it, you get a super-secret message that probably contains a coded "Don't forget to drink your Ovaltine".  I managed to get through it on the second try.  Spoiler below.

"This is Dan Brown. Congratulations on playing Symbol Quest and reaching the 33rd Degree with a perfect score. I've just finished signing 33 first editions of THE LOST SYMBOL, which are locked in a vault, waiting to be sent out to 33 different winners. The first 33 winning codebreakers who call the secret phone number encrypted on the book jacket will receive this reward. Good luck."

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I believe in humanity: our indwelling capacity for good, our insatiable desire to make ourselves known to one another, our coruscating passion for knowledge, our ability to handle the truth, and our capacity for learning from really dumb mistakes.

I believe in humor as the universal solvent of ignorance, grief, and fear.

I believe in public libraries.

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